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Anders Vestergaard TrackMan University MasterAnders Vestergaard   

Mail: av@MeetTheHeadmaster.com

Web: http://www.MeetTheHeadmaster.com


Anders Vestergaard – From Headmaster to TrackMan University Master

TrackMan University’s founding father and former headmaster Anders Vestergaard has been included in the exclusive group of TrackMan University Masters being the only second non-professional to achieve this status.

From 2011 to April 1, 2014 Anders was leading all TrackMan University activities worldwide including development of curriculum, member program, partner program, certification program and being in charge of more than 50 workshops per year.

Anders left TrackMan University April 1st to start Meet the Headmaster – a workshop concept aimed at amateur golfers who wants to understand ball flight and swing analysis data and use this knowledge to improve their game of golf and reduce their score on the course.

“I believe that many amateur golf players are interested in understanding ball flight and swing analysis data but I can imagine that they feel on shaky ground when the local golf instructor starts talking about smash factor, spin rate, spin axis, launch angle, swing direction and face-to-path to mention a few of the terms used when talking game improvement or simulator training / gaming with a golf instructor.

I also believe that my knowledge about ball flight and swing analysis data, combined with a limited number of participants per workshop, can cut three strokes from an amateur golfer playing 18 holes and make the best players even better by understanding the basic elements of the data related to ball flight and swing analysis”.

Before joining TrackMan in 2011, Anders worked with award winning international projects within adult learning, change management and communication.

Anders is an alumnus from Copenhagen University College of Engineering and as a golf player Anders played at scratch level winning several tournaments including the Danish Junior Championship and representing Denmark at international level.