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Become a TrackMan Certified Professional 

To become a TrackMan Certified Professional you need to be a TrackMan University member and pass one or more of our certification tests.

Please activate the links to learn more about membership and the certification program.

To prepare for the online tests, we strongly recommend that you study the learning tools and benchmark your skills by trying the Free Trial Test containing 5 questions from each of our 3 certification tests and a mini survey.

All certification tests are completed on-line and require membership before taking the tests (except the Free Trial Test).

To take the certification tests you need to do the following:

1. Choose one of the options available (Paying for a workshop or Paying for a test)
2. Click the PayPal button
3. Choose between PayPal or Pay with your debit or credit card and submit your payment
4. If signing up for a workshop please register by sending a mail with your contact data and information about the workshop to TrackMan University

You will have 45 minutes to answer the 30 questions and you need 85% correct answers to PASS the test. 
(4 incorrect answers = pass). The tests are randomized multiple-choice questions in text or graphics  

Please note: The on-line tests are provided through an external partner Test.Com