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Don Irving TrackMan University MasterDon Irving
Artisan Golf Co.  

Mail: dirving@bellnet.ca

Web: www.artisangolfco.com


Don Irving - an award winning master clubfitter from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada has been appointed TrackMan University Master.

Along with his wife, Pauline, Don is the owner of Artisan Golf Co. This full service golf equipment business specializes in custom fitting, clubmaking and teaching. Don has a lengthy list of credentials as a custom golf club fitter and clubmaker. Artisan Golf opened their doors at their location in 2003. Service at Artisan Golf is personalized, and thorough. Don is a USGTF certified teaching professional.

Don has studied the golf swing extensively and keeps pace with state of the art technology and upgrades his credentials by attending seminars and workshops on clubmaking and clubfitting. He is continually interested in the advancing technology of the golf industry.

Don recognized that the engine of any fitting center has to be its launch monitor. After extensive research into launch monitor technology, he invested in a TrackMan Launch Monitor in early 2011. The introduction of TrackMan has been welcomed by customers and it sets Artisan Golf apart from the competition.

Don believes strongly that clubfitting and teaching go hand in hand and TrackMan Technology optimizes both.
Don takes full advantage of the Trackman system when giving lessons. It allows him to zero in on specific components of the swing. It is not enough to know that you have hit a straight ball, you need to know why. TrackMan provides all the data necessary to understand all aspects of the swing.

From a fitting perspective, TrackMan is a fantastic tool. By looking at measurements such as spin rates, launch angle, angle of attack, shot deviation, landing angle and many others, it is then possible to optimize a player’s equipment for better distance and tighter dispersion.

The TrackMan Launch Monitor measures numerous facets of the golf swing and this
data has changed the face of professional clubfitting in a dramatic and positive way.

The more information and knowledge a clubfitter has about an individual’s swing, the
better that individual can be fit with the clubs that are perfect for his or her swing.

Don submitted the thesis “DRIVER TEST STUDY” as part of his Master project.