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What is TrackMan University (TMU)

The idea behind TrackMan University came from our customers. Golf industry professionals (instructors, fitters, coaches and players) created a demand for learning tools and certification programs to enhance their knowledge about TrackMan technology and data parameters.

At TrackMan we listen to our customers. Therefore we established TrackMan University during the fall of 2011.

At TrackMan University, we have public content and member’s content. The public content includes a limited number of learning tools and access to the Free Trial Test.

Below you can see the benefits of being a TrackMan University member.

For the complete learning toolbox, free access to workshops hosted by TMU and certification tests, you need to register and pay the annual membership.

We have started a TrackMan University Tour. The Tour provides workshops around the world and teaches about TrackMan technology, the measured data parameters (swing and ball flight analysis) and the underlying theory behind the ball flight laws. The workshops are either hosted by TrackMan University or our collaboration partners, primarily the PGA. Currently we arrange workshops in countries where we can teach our curriculum in English. In future, we plan to expand our workshops to other parts of the world.

Upcoming workshops are published in our Event Calendar, on Facebook and in newsletters.

We currently offer two programs: The TrackMan Certified Operator and The TrackMan Certified Professional (Level 1 to 3).

We are often asked about the difference between the two programs. The short answer is that the Operator program is a “TrackMan driver’s license” covering the curriculum of our on-site training i.e. the training provided by TrackMan staff as an add-on when buying a TrackMan. We recommend that you are a TrackMan user for this program / online test.

The TrackMan Certified Professional Level 1 and 2 we consider our “academic program”. You do not need to own or use a TrackMan on a daily basis to study and pass these online tests.

To prepare for the online tests, we strongly recommend that you study the learning tools and benchmark your skills by trying the Free Trial Test. Actually 25% of our members who submit the online tests fail in their first attempt. Passing requires 26 correct answers out of the 30 questions (85% correct) in less than 45 minutes. Once you have passed the online test, you feel great knowing that you are a TrackMan Certified Professional. This will give you a unique competitive advantage.

The TrackMan Master is reserved for TrackMan University (TMU) members who demonstrate an expert knowledge of TrackMan technology and how to apply it. A TrackMan Master must be able to contribute knowledge, such as case study material, to the TrackMan community. To qualify for the TrackMan Master’s designation, the member must submit and pass both the Level 1 and Level 2 test and collect 15 TrackMan Credits (TMC´s). TrackMan Masters are posted at the Master Gallery