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Allen Terrell
Dustin Johnson Golf School
Director of Coaching

Mail: allen@dustinjohnsongolfschool.com

Web: www.dustinjohnsongolfschool.com


Allen Terrell—who recently achieved TrackMan University Master Certification—spent nearly two decades working with college golfers and operating Terrell Golf Performance. After working as an assistant coach at Duke, he became Director of Golf at Coastal Carolina University in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, in 1999.

During that time, he coached more than 20 NCAA All-Americans, 20 Conference Players of the Year, more than 80 All-Conference recipients, finalist for NCAA Coach of the Year honors, helped over 50 juniors achieve a golf scholarship, and thousands of amateurs. Terrell knows how to work with all level of players to help raise their games.

While at CCU, he recruited a promising player a tall, thin young man named Dustin Johnson, who rewrote the school’s record books and went from college onto the PGA Tour, where he is now one of the game’s most exciting young guns. Last year, Terrell left the ranks of college coaching to keep working with Johnson and open the Dustin Johnson Golf School, located at the TPC Myrtle Beach in Murrells Inlet, S.C.

For the past five years, one constant in Terrell’s teaching has been TrackMan, which he relies on because, he says, “It quantifies practice and improvement.” When working with the game’s best—Tour pros and those who aspire to that level—the coach not only has to be sure about what he says, he has to have the evidence to back it up.

“It helps me be a better coach. What the golfers feels and what is actually happening can be pretty far apart. There are many things you just can’t see on film. TrackMan helps convince and qualify for a player that he’s on the right path to improvement. Nothing replaces the art of teaching but TrackMan is a powerful tool to improve golfers.”

Most important at the school is the goal to help all levels of golfers. TrackMan has been a staple for the new school. “We love using TrackMan to help golfers find distance without having to do a lot of swing changing. All of our students get longer because of the data TrackMan provides us.”

“TrackMan isn’t a method. It’s factual, it doesn’t lie. It fits perfectly in our school philosophy where we do not have a method we force golfers into but use science to make golfers better.”

At his new school—where he works with golfers of all levels, including juniors from beginners to the elite—and when working with Johnson, TrackMan remains an invaluable tool. “If I’ve been working with someone, whether it’s Dustin or one of my amateur students, I often won’t even need to see his swing if he tells me his TrackMan numbers. When I am working with someone, if he’s hitting it well I’ll get him on TrackMan so we have a benchmark; if he’s not hitting it well, getting on TrackMan helps us get the player quickly back on track.