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Scott Sackett TrackMan University MasterScott Sackett
Scott Sackett Golf
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Mail: Scott@Scottsackett.com

Web: http://www.scottsackett.com


Scott Sackett has been teaching for 29 years.  Currently he owns & operates Scott Sackett Golf at McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ during the winter months and is Director of Instruction at Park Meadows Country Club in Park City, UT during the summer months.  

Scott has been teaching with Trackman the last 26 months and has conducted approximately 4400 lessons in that time. When asked about his experience thus far he says “I have done as much learning as I have done teaching.”  Scott’s teaching style is simple and he focuses heavily on basic fundamentals in every lesson, even with his professional students. 

When asked why, Scott responded “Great fundamentals give the student the best possible opportunity to play great golf.” 

Much of his clientele are loyal and longtime customers; many of which have been taking lessons from him for years.  “When deciding to purchase a Trackman, it was a focal point of mine to create a clear understanding for the student to the language of Trackman from the start. 

Without a way to relate the technology to the student, the value of Trackman is hindered,” Scott said.  “It was important to start small with my students, explaining the importance of Face Angle and Club Path first.  After it’s clear they have a grasp of that, introduce how Swing Direction and Attack Angle work.  Then, continue to build from there,” he added. 

When asked to summarize the impact Trackman has had on Scott’s business, he responded, “The value of Trackman is undeniable.  It has given my students a black and white way to look at ball flight & impact.  More importantly, it has helped their practice when not on Trackman to be much more efficient and productive.  It has always been my goal as a coach to give my students the tools necessary to improve while they are away from the lesson tee.  Trackman definitely helps accomplish that.”