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Joe Ostrowski TrackMan MasterJoe Ostrowski
Teaching Professional
Golf & Body NYC

Mail: jostrowski@golfbodynyc.com

Web: www.golfbodynyc.com


Joe Ostrowski is a Teaching Professional at Golf & Body NYC, Manhattan’s first indoor private golf club. Without a green-grass course, G&BNYC focuses on a team approach of golf, fitness and sports medicine professionals to combine their knowledge with the members’ passion to help them play the best game of their lives in the best shape of their lives.

With technology playing a major role in evaluating the golf swing and short game, TrackMan Radar Technology is among the diagnostic tools available to membership. For the past two years, Joe has used and studied TrackMan data himself, with the professional staff and the members of G&BNYC.

“Using TrackMan during the initial G&BNYC golf evaluation, we analyze the data and see if there are any physical limitations. In conjunction with the fitness staff, we look at the numbers next to the results of the physical assessment. We work together to connect the golf swing and the body and develop a program to be worked on through both instruction and training,” Joe states how he used TrackMan in his teaching.

Joe reads the numbers after each shot and then teaches his students simple 'feels' to reinforce the motion. “Seeing the numbers improve on TrackMan through this process, I use simple feels to attach the data for the member to apply outdoors and replicate the results they see on the screen. This has created great results both for my students and in my own game."