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Chris Brook TrackMan University MasterChris Brook
International Golf Coach  

Mail: chris@chrisbrook.co.uk

Web: www.chrisbrook.co.uk


Chris Brook is an international golf coach working with players on the European and US PGA tours. Back in the UK Chris coaches amateurs from his studio based in Dorset. Chris offers his students the best possible coaching and development opportunities there is.

Chris graduated from the PGA Training Academy in 1995. Since then he has set out to become a great instructor of the golf mechanics. His extensive knowledge of biomechanics and kinematic efficiency has steady built him a reputation for being an instructor for both tournament professionals and amateurs.His keenness to develop some of the future champions focuses him on using logical and visual techniques to help produce the "complete golfer".

Chris invested his own money into purchasing in November 2009 a TrackMan after seeing it in action whilst on the European Tour. “TrackMan has become the major factor when I work with a player’s technique.”

Chris already uses sophisticated equipment but comments “I cannot imagine coaching without TrackMan. It is impossible to get a complete picture of whats happening to a players club movement through impact and what effect it has to the ball as it leaves the face – your just guessing unless you have TrackMan.” He continues, “TrackMan has enabled me to coach the best players better. With solid data I can “measure” a players progress during the process of a change and inconjunction with my other coaching equipment provides me with enough vital data to “tweek” the swing changes and acheive the desired outcome.

“Before I even look at improving a swing I compile data to know exactly whats happening to the ball and club through impact. I want to know what the clubhead speed is, ball speed, angle of attack, clubpath, swingpath and how open or closed the clubface is at impact and if the hands are in front or behind the ball at impact. I then look to see which of these aspects need to improve and by how much in order to achieve the goals that the player has set. The changes that I make to a players swing are based upon improving the data to the desired amount.”

“The success Chris has had with his students since using TRACKMAN have been truly amazing. Some players that I work with are now more interested in looking at the data than the ball flight through the air! By using the TrackMan path and face my students are bringing “feel & reality” together which has help them control the ball like never before. As a result of TrackMan my students understand club path and ball flight so much better which has helped them to reproduce their best parameters and make more great shots. It makes them stay in control of their technique, focus more and become more disciplined with their practice and training.”

Chris takes TrackMan with him on tour. He says “it is really easy to travel with and I can set it up in under 2 minutes. Being able to take this on tour means I can give my players the best possible service there is.

TrackMan has enabled Chris to give aspiring talented amateurs an indicator as to whether they have what it takes to be a touring player. “I can now show them the data from my successful tour players so they can see what to aspire to – it makes them train harder and become goal specific.”