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Steven Orr TrackMan MasterSteven Orr
PGA Advanced Fellow Professional
England Golf Regional Coach

Mail: so@stevenorrcoaching.com

Web: www.stevenorrcoaching.com


Originally from Glasgow, Scotland but now living in the south of England for the last 11 years, Steven is a full time coach and Director of Coaching for Cranfield Golf Academies. He has several roles in the game that cover both player and coach development. He is a tutor/assessor for the PGA of Great Britain and consults for the R and A/PGA of Europe in various countries on coach/player development related subjects.

Within player development, Steven is an England Golf Regional Coach overseeing the development of the best players in the south-east of the country and is a lead coach within the Sussex Performance Academy as well as working with players from beginner level to tournament professionals.

His coaching is driven mainly by an attempt to understand 3 main questions:

  • How do we most effectively learn the golf swing/develop golf skill?
  • What are the key factors that produce peak performance in the playing environment?
  • How does a golf coach become more expert over time?

In an effort to better understand these questions, he is close to completing a Masters degree in sports coaching at The University of Birmingham, UK. Trackman has been an enormous help and addition to his coaching toolbox in helping his pupils both develop technique/skill as well as learning to perform better on the course, where it matters.