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Pay in USD - $475


Pay in EUR - €350

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Pay in USD - $475

Pay in EUR - €350

All prices are in USD and include Danish VAT where applicable. 
If you have any questions about the TrackMan University membership, please contact us.

Continuing Education Policy

The education of certificate holders is paramount to the quality of the TrackMan brand. Certificate holders are required to annually re-submit a test to maintain their current certification level.

Annual Membership Guidelines

In order to ensure the standards of excellence, the annual membership guidelines must be met once you are a TrackMan Certified Operator and/or TrackMan Certified Professional. These guidelines are:

1. A TrackMan Certificate is valid for one year after successfully completing the test. Certificate holders are required to participate in the TrackMan University re-certification program each year and pay an annual membership fee to remain an active member. The re-certification test will be activated one month before the expiration date.

2. TrackMan Certified Operators can choose to re-submit a TrackMan Operator test or submit a Level 2 test. 
Level 1 TrackMan Certified Professionals can choose to re-submit a Level 1 test or submit a Level 2 test. 
Level 2 TrackMan Certified Professionals can choose to re-submit a Level 2 test or submit a Master Application. 
Level 3 TrackMan Certified Masters are required to pass the Operator, Level 1 and Level 2 re-certification tests and obtain 15 credits each year.

Masters are required to create 5 questions and their answers for either the Operator, Level I, or Level II test.

If submitting a thesis (video or article), a member can pre-qualify for Master status in the following two years.

3. Failing the same test twice will result in the student receiving a 1 month quarantine before being able to submit a test again.

4. Certificate holders may be inactive for as long as 3 months without penalty. If a student is inactive for more than 3 months the certificate will expire and the student will be asked to remove the TrackMan logo on all print and electronic media. The certification level of the student will also be removed from the Find an Expert map.

CPD Points

PGA Professionals of Great Britain and Ireland will be awarded CPD Points for successfully partaking in TrackMan and TrackMan University (TMU) activities.

CPD Points will be awarded for attending the Level 1, Level 2 and Operator workshops, and for successful completion of the online tests/certifications.

To claim these CPD Points you must submit a copy of the course certificate along with details of the activity (date, time, venue etc…) to cpd@pga.org.uk. For further information call +44 (0) 1675 470 333