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Kyle Morris TrackMan University MasterKyle Morris
The Golf Room
Director of Instruction

Mail: kmorris@thegolfroom.com

Web: www.thegolfroom.com


Traditional golf lessons have a history of not creating lasting change and fading away.

The Golf Room featuring Kyle Morris, is traditional in thought, but modern in approach. Endorsed by his former personal team of coaches and now mentors Mike Bender (2009 PGA of America Teacher of the Year), Stan Utley, Pia Nilsson, Lynn Marriott, and James Siekmann (All top 25 Golf Digest Instructors), as well as Jack Nicklaus, Kyle strives for you, the player, to ultimately become your own coach.

Director of Golf Instruction, Owner, and Junior Champions Director, Kyle Morris, a former 7 year sanctioned PGA Tour member and winner 5 times world wide, guarantees your improvement and the shots of your life or the lessons free.

Truth is, he is yet to give a free lesson! Through use of Trackman launch monitors, feedback training to force the player to make the perfect movements, Kyle can change the ultimate slice swing into a 4-yard draw within an hour.

Kyle can also help turn your 70's into a 65's like he has for several of his present tour players. Most importantly, Kyle creates ways so that when you practice by yourself, you can manage your own swing and make your practice perfect. You no longer need to hit it great with the instructor but then leave and “loose it”.

Kyle and his team of coaches, including Lindsay Becker for golf fitness and K-Vest, and Dr. Todd M. Kays for golf psychology with Focus Band, have created revolutionary ways to ensure your development and constant growth as a player in all areas of skill, body, and mind. Kyle Morris and The Golf Room are in the business of building swings of a lifetime.

Its time to start building yours! Click here to book a lesson http://thegolfroom.com/book.html