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James Taylor
PGA Golf Professional
Certified Clubfitter
Golfclub Heidelberg-Lobenfeld

Mail: info@jamestaylor-golf.de

Web: www.jamestaylor-golf.de

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamestaylorgolf


James Taylor is one of two Head Coaches at the Golfclub Heidelberg-Lobenfeld, in Germany. He is responsible for the junior programme which has won various awards for the outstanding junior work at the club.

In 2015 the junior programme was ranked nr.17 in Germany by the German Golf Federation. He is also in charge of the girls and womens teams at the club and coaches many elite-squad players.

James is a certified clubfitter and has worked with European Tour Players, Ladies European Tour players and LPGA Tour players in finding the best equipment to enhance their game.

Over the course of his teaching career he has been voted as a „PGA of Germany Top 20 Teacher of the Year“ for the last 4 consecutive years by the members of the PGA of Germany and he is also a member of the PGA of Germany´s Coach Team.

James is constantly motivated to improve his knowledge and his teaching skills. He works with modern technology and believes that every golf swing is individual and should be treated as individual as we are as people. „I have been using TrackMan since 2009 almost on a daily basis and have learned so much over the years of working with this fantastic machine.

Not only is it a wonderful way of explaining aspects of the game to pupils, it also shows data that video does not show – physics, which can not be argued with!

Working with TrackMan has made me a much better teacher and has helped me understand what truly goes on during the golf swing and which factors really matter.“