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Andy Griffiths TrackMan University MasterAndy Griffiths
Qizhong Garden Golf Course

Mail: andy@andygriffithsgolf.com

Web: www.andygriffithsgolf.com


After being inspired by my first coaches back in England, I knew I wanted to get into golf coaching to help change the lives of golfers I would come into contact with. Since making that decision, and being ever the perfectionist, I decided that meant I had to be the absolute best coach and person I could be. That journey so far has led to spend time learning with coaches worldwide and coaching all over the world.

After spending time in Evian, Doral, Pebble Beach and on board a cruise ship, I am currently Director of Instruction at MIGA, Shanghai, China where we consult for the China National Team and work with students wanting to go on and gain scholarships to America as well as the regular golfer!