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Effective February 1, 2015

To become a TrackMan University Master, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Be a TrackMan University member in good standing

  • Pass the TMU Level I, Level II, and Operator tests within the current membership period

  • Earn 15 TrackMan University Credits (TMCs) within the current membership period

  • Submit 5 questions that could be used on the TMU Level II test (details below)

NOTE: TrackMan University Master status is subject to final review by the TMU education committee. Completion of the above requirements does not automatically grant the member Master status.

TrackMan University Credits (TMCs)

A minimum of 15 TMCs must be earned within the current membership period.  

Current membership period begins when the applicant initiates their TrackMan University membership or the renewal date of the TrackMan University membership; whichever is most recent.

The following is a current list of options for earning TMCs. 

Attend an approved TrackMan University workshop, TrackMan Users Conference, or other preapproved event = 6 TMCs

  • A maximum of 9 TMCs can be earned within the current membership period

For a list of approved TMU events, visit the TMU Calendar

Submit 3 screencasts that include an analysis of the data = 3 TMCs

  • Screencasts must be shared through the TPS software to jp@trackman.dk and ch@trackman.dk

  • Screencasts must include at least one camera angle of the subject’s swing (internal TrackMan camera is accepted)

  • Screencast must describe the cause and effect between the data and the resulting ball flight

  • Screencast must analyze the subject’s swing and how it relates to the data produced by the swing

  • Screencast must provide an explanation of a “fault and fix” (drill or swing feel) that could be applied to the subject and it must describe how the fix should effect the data and resulting ball flight

Submit 2 TrackMan Combines case studies = 3 TMCs

Each TrackMan Combine case study should be approximately 1-2 pages and include the following information and screenshots:

  • Results of a subject’s TrackMan Combine (name can be omitted)

  • A brief analysis of the data/results based on the subject’s handicap, playing level, and goals. Previous TrackMan Combine presentations and (filtered) Full Leaderboards can be used for reference

  • Create a minimum of one Test Center protocol that you would use with the subject to improve their weaknesses

  • Describe the goals set with the subject to achieve their desired skill level

Click here for an example of a TrackMan Combine case study

Submit a video or article that provides educational value to the TrackMan community = 3 (or 6) TMCs

  • A maximum of 6 TMCs can be earned within the current membership period

  • Six TMCs will be awarded for submissions that are considered outstanding work

  • To receive preapproval of a topic or idea, send an email describing the idea/topic to jp@trackman.dk. Include information about the format (video/article), purpose/goal of the submission, and description of how data/information will be collected.

Click here for a video example and here for an article example.

TMU may request editorial changes prior to the TMCs being awarded for the content.

Develop a new idea or concept for the TrackMan development team = 3 TMCs

To receive the TMCs the idea/concept must be thought through and presented in a clearly defined manner.

  • To receive preapproval of an idea or concept, send an email describing the idea/concept to jp@trackman.dk

  • TMU may request editorial changes prior to the TMCs being awarded for the idea/concept

  • Present the idea/concept and functionality in a step-by-step format (outline, flowchart, wireframe). Provide as many visuals as possible to help present the idea clearly

NOTE: Submission of an idea/concept grants TrackMan the right to use the idea/concept with no obligations.

Click here for a concept example.

Submit a model swing for use in the TrackMan model swing library = 3 TMCs

Use the ‘Create Report’ function and make sure to ‘Include Videos’ when sharing the report.

The submitted model swing must as minimum include the following:

  • 3 Drivers with a ‘down the line’ and ‘face on’ camera angle

  • 3 six-irons with a ‘down the line’ and ‘face on’ camera angle

  • Shots do not have to have both camera angles at the same time. Shots can be filmed from down the line first and then face on next

  • Use of the internal TrackMan camera is not accepted for model swings

All cameras must be calibrated to the radar so that the TrackMan graphics overlay are available in the model swing (click here for tutorial video).

Mandatory TrackMan University Questions

  • Submit 5 questions to jp@trackman.dk and ch@trackman.dk that could be used on the TrackMan Level II test

  • Include 5 questions with multiple choice answers

  • Include any images or assumptions needed to answer the question correctly

  • Indicate the correct answer for each question

  • Write 2-3 sentences per questions describing why it is the correct answer and why the other options are incorrect


TrackMan Master applicants may be awarded credits for items not listed above. These credits are awarded at the sole discretion of TrackMan University. Master applicants may apply for credits by sending a detailed description of the item in question to jp@trackman.dk and ch@trackman.dk.

Upon receiving the TrackMan Master designation, the applicant will receive a TrackMan Master Certificate acknowledging the accomplishment. They will also be allowed to use the TrackMan University Master logo on their website and in marketing material (while the member is in good standing). The TMU Master will be added to our website and listed among the other TMU Master professionals.

The TMU Master must accrue 9 credits in each following year to maintain their Master status. The member will be granted a 6 month grace period into the new ‘current membership period’ in order to accumulate the necessary credits. For example, if a TMU Master renews their TMU membership on January 1, then they will have until July 1 to collect the 9 TMCs for that membership period.

If you have any questions about the TrackMan University Master application process, please send them to Justin Padjen at jp@trackman.dk.

Thank you and good luck as you achieve your TrackMan Master status!!