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Support FAQ 

Always make sure to have the latest TPS installed.
Download available at mytrackman.com/support/software

Below we have listed solutions for the most common issues exprierenced by customers 

If your data is being showed with over 10 seconds delay in TPS - click here


Q: What TPS version is compatible with Windows 10?

A: TPS version 3.2 and 4.0 are compatible with Windows 10. Please note, before upgrading to Windows 10, please download and install this TPS version 3.2.202 from this link; Download TPS 3.2.202

The latest version (available at http://mytrackman.com/support/software) is fully compatible with Windows 10.

Feel free to contact us at support@trackmangolf.com if you need any help with TPS and Windows 10 compability.

Q: How can I install TPS if the installer is failing?

A: This is most likely failing if a Windows Update is either pending, or needs to be applied. Restart PC and try again. If that doesn’t work then check for Windows updates and restart the PC until it is up to date. Now you should be able to install TPS.

Q: Where can I find a quick start guide for the TrackMan 4?

A: The quick start guide for the TrackMan 4 is available here: >> TM4 Start Guide

Q: How do I turn the TM4 on/off?

A: Click the backleg down, to turn the power on/off. See the legs in action here: Video

Q: Why can I not start Shot Analysis when the TM4 is connected over USB?

A: The TM4 will only work over WiFi, and the USB cable is for debugging/support only.

Q: How do I setup E6 up with the TM4?

A: Right now you will be able to use the TM4 in E6, even though it will show errors. The only thing that is not working is the target selection (camera alignment). The ball trajectory delay will also be much less, once the integration is fully developed. Here’s how you configure the TM4 and the E6 software;

  1. Enable SDK on the radar
    1. Connect the radar to PC via WiFi
    2. Open a web browser
    3. In the address field, go to
    4. Click LOGIN (no password needed)
    5. Go to SETUP and then SYSTEM
    6. Click/enable the checkbox “Legacy SDK"
    7. Click Logout
  2. Configure E6
    1. Next step, in C:\TruGolf\E6 Golf 1.6 -> open the file “defaults.stg" with Notepad.
    2. On the line "System Settings, set the value szSimName="tm3e"
    3. Save the file
    4. Now you can open E6 and use the TM4 over WiFi.

Q: Why is the TM3e radar showing a red light in the middle when I start it?

A: The radar has lost the internal time and the license is then not synced with the time that is valid in the license. The red light is simply an indication saying "the radar has not a license". 

There are three ways to fix this red light issue;

1) Using the latest firmware, even though the unit has a red light on boot, the time will be updated by the built-in GPS or syncing the time with your device, as soon as your start shot analysis. This will only work outdoors with the iPad but can work both indoor and outdoor with the computer software.

2) You can update the time manually on the unit by doing the following (will make the radar work fine in all scenarios)

- Open a web browser (and go to the following page)
If you are connected to the radar via wifi:
If you are connected to the radar via usb:

Click Log In
Click Administration
Click Reboot
Put a checkmark in UPDATE SYSTEM TIME
Click OK
Now the red light should be gone

3) The permanent fix is to send the unit to our HQ in Denmark for a repair.

Please contact support@trackmangolf.com for more information.


Q: I don’t get the club data in TPS or in the App that I would expect to see?

A: Here are the main reasons for not showing club data in our software: 

Generally speaking, we would rather give NO club information than possible bad club information.

  1. Setup of radar not optimal: Make sure the ball is hit from within the blue box and the distance from radar to ball and from ball to radar is within our requirements.
  2. Impact is too close or far away from TrackMan (Optimal distance is 7-9')
  3. Impact is too far right or left of TrackMan

    Here is a video on radar placement if you feel uncertain in any way.
  4. You are hitting off turf and the divot is causing excess radar noise, try hitting of a golf mat (VERY COMMON ISSUE)
  5. Swing direction far left (right handed player)
  6. The club is a short iron. When hitting short irons the smash factor becomes closer to 1.0, which means the club and ball are traveling away from the radar at similar speeds, making it hard for us to give club numbers.
  7. The shot was a mis-hit… thus low smash factor
  8. For indoor usage only: Metallic dot not used correctly

Q: Where can I find tutorial videos regarding how operate the software and hardware? 

A: All tutorial videos and documents are available at http://mytrackman.com/support/tutorials

Q: Where can I find a list over cameras that are working with TPS ? 

A: Please find the list at 

Q: What are the minimum specs for running TPS on a PC? 

A: Please find the specs at http://support.trackman.dk/News/NewsItem/View/4/computer-specs-for-running-trackman-performance-studio

Q: Where can I get the information about my login for TPS or MyTrackman.com?

A: When logging in to TPS it is asking for your MYTRACKMAN.com username and password, which is different from your support log in information.

Please note, is asking for username (not email) and password.

How to find your username:

  1. Go to mytrackman.com
  2. Log in
  3. Click on your name in the top right corner
  4. Click "My profile"
  5. Above the big profile picture you will see your username.

Reset password:

If you do not know these you can go to mytrackman.com, click log-in and click forgot username/password and it will send you an email to reset these.

Q: Why is my camera not showing any picture in target selection? It stays at "Connecting to TrackMan camera"

A: The settings files and video management files needs to be updated.


Step 1

  • Go to C:\Users\<User Name>\AppData\Local\TrackMan\TrackMan Performance Studio
  • Remove all files
Step 2
  • Go to C:\ProgramData\TrackMan\VideoManagement
  • Remove all files in the folder
  • Open TPS
  • When you now open TPS, you must be connected to internet and also type in your username and password for mytrackman.com

Q: Why does my camera stay at orange light or in standby mode
when I want to enable video recording inside TPS?


  1. First, make sure you are running the latest version of TPS. Open TPS, go in under Settings -> About and check for updates. If you already have the latest version, please restart TPS.
  2. Go to the LIVE tab, and in the top right corner select the TrackMan camera, click record, once the camera turns green you can hit a shot. If it stays orange please restart TPS.
  3. Still not working?
  4. Exit all software
  5. Go to windows start. All programs. Tps. Utilities. Diagnostics reset to factory defaults. Click no to the popup. Click ok.
  6. Now open TPS and try the camera again.
If it’s still not working, please send an email to support@trackmangolf.com and create a support case.

Q: How can I fix the error in TPS that I have with my Casio EX-F1?

A: Please go through the below steps to make sure all things are correctly setup.

1) Have you successfully used this camera with TPS before?

  • If yes, great and proceed to number 2.
  • If no, please make sure the firmware on the camera is updated to 2.0. Instructions on how to do this is on your computer in the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\TrackMan Performance Studio\Casio

2) Make sure the camera is set to PC control in USB settings on the camera. If you don’t have the PC Control option, please updte the firmware in the Casio by reading the pdf located in C:\Program Files (x86)\TrackMan Performance Studio\Casio

  • Still not working?

3) Remove all files on the memory card and the internal memory.

  1. Set the camera to Mass Storage in the USB settings on the camera.
  2. Connect it to the computer
  3. Remove all files
  4. Disconnect from the computer
  5. Remove the memory card
  6. Connect to computer again
  7. Remove all files
  8. Disconnect from computer
  9. Put the memory card back in
  10. Change the USB settings on the camera back to PC Control
  11. Open TPS and try the camera again.

Q: How can I create a Facility on the TrackMan Locator?

A: Follow this link to create a site on our locator: http://mytrackman.com/create-facility

Q: What do I do if I get a USB 3.0 Error when installing TPS?

A: Please download and save the file from the link below. Once the file is complete please right click on the file, select “extract all,” click next, once extracted open the file and run the setup (or setup.exe). This will then prompt you through installing the latest Intel USB driver. Click yes to make changes on the hardware configuration. Once complete restart your computer and re-install TPS.

Download link:


Q: My radar is having leveling issues. How can I fix it?

A: Please make sure you’ve updated to latest firmware in the radar and latest TPS software if you’re on an active subscription.

Fix for TM4 & TM3e (wireless radars)

  • Power the radar ON and wait until it's ready. Lift it and tilt it slightly to listen if the mechanics work. If it's tilted more than about 10°, it stops.
  • Hold it vertically in the air (not tilted), that should make the legs go out. Allow a minute or two for it to stretch the legs. Power of, put them back in again and start as usual.
  • If it doesn't work or the leg is stuck, try this:
  • Pull the legs out
  • Hold power button down for 10seconds
  • This boots into safe mode and will allow the unit to level
  • Once level power off
  • Wait 10 seconds and push the power button for 2 seconds.

    Fix for TM2 & TM3 (with USB cable)

  • Connect TrackMan to PC as normal (legs pulled out, etc.)
  • Lift it in the air and tilt it forwards and backwards and listen for any mechanical sound. Put it back on the ground.
  • Still not working?
  • Open the Software
  • Navigate to the LIVE or Hitting page
  • Put TrackMan face down on the ground (orange part to the ground)
  • This will make the TrackMan's legs push out
  • Let the legs get longer than 3", which can take up to 5 minutes
  • Once both legs are longer than 3" flip back upright and it will level out properly.
  • Should this not work please try another USB cable, as this is the first sign that the USB cable is going bad.
  • These cables are very common and mostly used as the cable from a pc to a printer, so it can be swapped out easily.
  • The TrackMan USB cable does have a screw cap, but that cap is NOT mandatory for use, it just helps with water
  • tightness.
  • Still not working?
  • Try another USB port on the pc and do the above steps.
  • Still not working?
  • Open the Software
  • Navigate to the LIVE or Hitting page
  • Put TrackMan face down on the ground (orange part to the ground)
  • As the mechanic sounds, try to help the leg out with just a little gentle drag. (Please be careful!).

Q: Why is there a delay for the data to show on the screen? 

A: Disable the scanning of TrackMan files in Windows Defender / Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft is constantly updating Windows Defender / Microsoft Security Essentials. If an update impacts the performance of TrackMan Performance Studio, this is what you need to do.

  1. Open the “Windows Defender / Microsoft Security Essentials” from the Windows Start Menu by searching for Windows Defender.
    If Windows Defender is disabled, then you should search for Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Windows Defender is blocking TrackMan software

  2. Go to the Settings in Windows Defender / Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Windows Defender Blocking TrackMan

  3. Click on “Excluded files and locations”.

  4. Browse to “C:\ProgramData\TrackMan\” and click OK.
    * If you can't find the folder: Open Computer -> Click Organize -> Folder and search options -> View -> Show hidden files, folders and drives -> Apply -> Ok.

  5. Click “Add”.

  6. Click “Save changes”.

Now open TrackMan Performance Studio and check that it works.

Tutorial is available in Screencast, click here to download the
Windows Defender / Microsoft Security Essentials screencast tutorial.

* If you can't open the .xesc screencast file download VLC Player and try again.

Q: Why do I get the error message "You need to connect a TrackMan with a
valid license" when I click on Shot Analysis?

A: Windows cannot see the radar. Please reconnect the radar and restart TPS.
Should this not work please try another USB cable, as this is the first sign that the USB cable is going bad.

These cables are very common and mostly used as the cable from a pc to a printer, so it can be swapped out easily.

The TrackMan USB cable does have a screw cap, but that cap is NOT mandatory for use, it just helps with water tightness.

Still not working? Try another USB port on the pc and do the above steps.


If your questions has not been answered here, please contact us at support@trackmangolf.com